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You are engaged and ready to find your perfect wedding dress!

You may have already started visiting bridal boutiques, doing online research, and trying to find that perfect dress. 

So what do you do when you find that one photo that you keep referring back to? You've pinned it multiple times without realising, and every time you look at it, you know it's the one.  It could be perfect as it is, or you may want a few changes, but you decide to hunt for that gown in local shops. 

What happens next is not what you expect. How hard could finding this gown or a similar one possible be, right?  You start to try other gowns on, and look through endless racks, and you realise that many of these gowns aren't even close to what you want. 

You then decide to try and find the original dress, only to realise they are based overseas and have no guarantees if you decide to purchase the gown, and it's not right for whatever reason.

What you need is a bridal designer to make the wedding dress of your dreams.  Where you can pick and choose the fabrics you want, make the changes you want from the original design, and do all that without it costing a designer price tag.  Does this place exist? The answer is... yes. 

At Naomi Peris Bridal we are not a boutique, we are a design studio. We specialise in custom made wedding dresses. We have hundreds of fabrics, as well as rare lace and beaded fabrics, and can make gowns in ANY colour. We provide a simple 3 step process (consultation, fitting and delivery), and also provide a body type assessment to make sure that the gown you are wanting will suit your shape. 

We are quite different. As we don't have a bridal shop, or carry stock for you to try on. Instead, we offer a custom service for each bride.

We are based in Canberra, however we visit Sydney and Melbourne regularly to design special one of a kind wedding gowns for Sydney and Melbourne brides.


Our designer Naomi Peris sits with every bride to discuss their ideal wedding dress. From there she designs their custom wedding dress using our exclusive fabrics. 

You will be surprised at how affordable your perfect wedding dress could be. Prices start at $1800. 

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