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So you have your dream dress, but when you put it on... it just doesn't fit right! I know what you're thinking, 'but it didn't look like this on the model in the photo...' And you're right. That is because we are ALL different body shapes. And even if you have model type proportions (in which case I curse you), posture and other variables can skew a fit. You might have a larger back, or longer torso, or wider shoulders. Whatever the case, some simple alteration may make the WORLD of difference, but in some cases you may be better off starting your wedding gown search again. Here are 4 ways to avoid a bad or poor fitted wedding dress. 

Words by Naomi Peris

1. Low backs

I see this time and time again. But this is a big one. Avoid LOW BACK wedding dresses! Especially if you are busty or need support in the bust, as this will not provide any.  I know that the Instagram pics you saw looked gorgeous and sexy and that you just loved how it looked. But what you couldn't see was how poorly the dress actually fits. Because lets face it, we are not statues, we need to move and dance and hug Aunty Debbie at our wedding. So what this means is that when you have a low back, it is very open which causes gaping and creates less fit in the bodice. 

2. Know your bodytype
What I mean when I say know your body type is knowing whether you are an Hourglass, Pear, Triangle, Column or Apple body shape. This will narrow the choices to what gowns would best suit you, and fit you. For example, if you are a pear body type and you bought a mermaid gown, you might find that it could be tight or ill fitting around the bum. But if you bought an aline gown, which is the recommended style for a pear shape, you wouldn't have fit issues around the bum as it's loose. You would also find that by knowing your body type you will find a better style to suit your shape. 

'So why are we trying to fit into moulds that aren't designed for us?'

Buying off the rack has some convenience and less risk factor, as you are able to see what you will be getting. But the problem with buying off the rack is that gowns are made to a standard sizing. Now I don't know about you, but most girls I know (including myself) are NOT a standard size. So why are we trying to fit into moulds that aren't designed for us? 
A solution to this is to get a wedding gown custom made. When gowns are custom made that are designed using your measurements. And when you hire the services of a bridal designer, they will also take into consideration your body type, your style and personality. When designing a custom made wedding dress, you will also be able to chose all your fabrics and colours.  So everything is in your control. 
Going down the custom made option is not for everyone, but it can be perfect for someone who wants a unique one off gown made using their measurements. Do your research, as it may not be as expensive as you think. 

4.  Alterations
Sometimes it's as simple as tightening a strap, or taking in the sides by a few centimetres. But a simple alteration can make the world of difference. Not only do people have different body types, but they also have different posture. So in most cases wedding gowns would need a tweak to achieve a perfect fit. Even custom made gowns go through this process. This is because a dressmaker won't know how something will fall until they see it on a body. I have saved many gowns from being thrown away by doing a simple alteration like replacing a strap, or added some lace or beading. 

Happy hunting and I hope you find the dress of your dreams! 

Naomi xx

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